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Join Dr. Peter Levine and Dr. Diane Poole Heller for…

Somatic Interventions for Chronic Pain & Syndromes

How to help your clients uncover the root cause of underlying pain, find relief from symptoms and heal from trauma.

A Special 5-Session Online Course

Registration closes February 1, 2022 at 11:59 pm PT

“Some things must be dealt with at the roots. Trauma is one of those things.”

Dr. Peter Levine

“We can restore and reconnect at all levels, regardless of our past. When we heal ourselves, we heal our communities and the world.”

Dr. Diane Poole Heller

How do we help our clients when they have a seemingly endless list of persistent and variable symptoms?

Help clients heal from the trauma that’s at the root of chronic pain and other complex syndromes

Working with clients with a pattern of chronic physical symptoms—from migraines to fibromyalgia, IBS to chronic fatigue—can be some of the trickiest work we do as therapists.

And even though pain is one of the most common reasons clients seek our help, the perplexing and somewhat elusive nature of many chronic conditions means that there is often unclear or conflicting guidance on how to provide care and address presenting symptoms.

Yet, it’s vital that we have tools and techniques to help our clients feel better and begin to heal both physically and psychologically.

Chronic pain and other syndromes are often physical manifestations of trauma, which is what makes them so challenging to diagnose and treat.

It’s also why some clients may not find long-term relief from traditional medicine or pain management, which tends to focus primarily on the physical symptoms—because, quite often, there may not be a medical explanation or reason behind the pain at all.

But when we better understand the connection between the body and mind—between current symptoms and past trauma—we can apply a variety of somatic techniques to help clients address hidden trauma and find relief from pain.

So how do we work with chronic pain, when the client may not know what’s causing it?

Research shows that chronic syndromes and many autoimmune ailments are often linked to depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

Yet, many of us are unaware of the connection between trauma, early attachment wounds, childhood adversity (emotional neglect or abuse) and adult chronic illness.

You see, when we feel threatened, our bodies have a stress response, which prepares us to either fight or flee.

But when this response remains highly activated for an extended period of time, it can damage crucial neural connections and alter our ability to return to a regulated state, leading to impairments in both physical and mental health.

That’s why it’s so important to uncover the underlying stress and trauma that are at the root of dysregulation rather than focusing on the symptoms themselves.

But what if our clients can’t identify or don’t remember the trauma—or are unable or unwilling to talk about it?

Luckily, the body communicates to us. We only need to learn how to listen to it.

By applying somatic tools and strategies, you can tune-in to the physical signals that hide in plain sight, release trauma and provide support and relief from pain.

To begin healing chronic pain, you’ll learn how to…

“I have worked to develop a safe, gentle and effective way for people to heal from trauma. It works by understanding that trauma is purely physiological.

Trauma is something that happens initially to our bodies and our instincts. Only then do its effects spread to our minds, emotions, and spirits.”

– Peter Levine, PhD

Here’s What’s Covered In This 5-Week Program

Led by Dr. Peter Levine, the originator of Somatic Experiencing® and your host, Dr. Diane Poole Heller​

Uncover the Trauma Behind Chronic Pain & Other Syndromes

Explore the relationship between chronic pain symptoms and syndromes, and the underlying autonomic dysregulation arising from stress and trauma conditions.

Discover how perplexing symptoms have a common root as a single underlying syndrome involving core dysregulation of the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis—a system that influences autonomic, endocrine and immune functions throughout the body.

Dr. Levine personally guides our exploration into the connection between trauma and the body, showing you how to regulate this axis on a detailed, specialized level unavailable in most trainings.

Identify & Differentiate Symptoms Connected to Trauma

Learn how to recognize and help individuals who present with varying or non-attributable symptoms, including: migraines, vertigo, rapid heart rate, heart arrhythmias, POTTS (rapid heartbeat and fainting), chronic pain, regional complex pain syndrome (RPS), fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), asthma and certain autoimmune conditions.

Through client demonstrations, Dr. Levine illustrates how syndromes affect the autonomic nervous system. He’ll show you exactly what to watch for and track in the body, so you can detect shifts in the ANS to apply safe and effective techniques that help alleviate pain and suffering.

Decode the Body’s Messages Using Somatic Strategies

We’ll go beyond theory and operationalize information, so you can easily apply practical processes and therapeutic interventions to your clinical sessions.

Learn directly from Dr. Levine, as he shares the tools and techniques he uses to tune into nonverbal clues, get to the root of trauma and help clients find relief as they reconnect with their body’s innate resilience, vitality and health.


As therapists, it is essential to work with trauma without re-traumatizing the client, as well as utilizing methods to manage reactive trauma to avoid long-term bodily damage. 

Discover how Dr. Levine activates old wounds while maintaining safety. He’ll share crucial methods such as titration and pendulation that allow your clients to heal wounds from the past while easing symptoms in the present, and without becoming overly activated or triggered.

Strengthen Attunement & Gain Clinical Confidence

Guided by in-depth knowledge of the body’s regulation system, you’ll develop more effective and intentional attunement—so you’re better equipped to support clients in healing not only their psychological pain but their physical symptoms as well.

Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to help clients emerge from their protective “cage” of symptoms and syndromes as they move towards relief, growth and improved health.

Don’t miss your chance to join us for this unique new program to learn from the world’s leading expert in the Somatic Experiencing Approach!

Registration closes February 1, 2022 at 11:59 pm PT.

A personal invitation from Dr. Diane Poole Heller


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about chronic pain and its relationship to trauma. And it’s no wonder; with one in five Americans suffering from chronic pain, I see many clients trying to cope with physiological symptoms that contribute to their psychological challenges.

And the lingering pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. After a shutdown of many non-urgent services, too many people never received care and treatment that could have alleviated symptoms. And, maybe even more crucially, the isolation has taken a dramatic toll on everyone’s mental health, but most acutely on those already coping with the burden of chronic pain symptoms and syndromes.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re seeing many clients present with both psychological and physical symptoms—and despite all of our training and experience, it can be very difficult to know how to help! Especially when clients present with confusing and seemingly inexplicable ailments.

Which is why it’s absolutely critical that we understand how physical symptoms of trauma manifest in the body, how they can combine and “stack” into syndromes—and most importantly, the role that unresolved trauma plays in the development and healing of chronic symptoms.

You see, when we experience trauma, our bodies are designed to move through the threat response sequence, ultimately resolving and releasing the effects of the trauma at the end of the cycle. However, that’s an ideal scenario, and very often in our current world, the nervous system gets “stuck” somewhere along the process, leaving unresolved trauma trapped in the tissues of the body.

Over time, and especially with complex or repeated trauma, this unresolved energy begins to manifest as physical symptoms and pain. These symptoms can then intertwine and combine into very complicated syndromes that can be difficult to diagnose, and even harder to treat.

This can be one of the reasons that medical professionals may struggle to help patients find relief from many chronic and autoimmune disorders…because there is often another level to their pain beyond the physical diagnosis.

But when we address the repressed trauma directly, we can begin to resolve and reorganize underlying dysregulation in the nervous system—helping clients move toward relief, healing and feeling more alive in the present moment!

This is why I’ve invited my close friend and mentor, Dr. Peter Levine, to help teach a new online training program, Somatic Interventions for Chronic Pain, an intensive course concentrated on physiological manifestations of trauma and therapeutic strategies for recovery and relief.

As the founder of the Somatic Experiencing Approach, there is no one with more experience and knowledge in the body-oriented approach to healing trauma and other stress disorders than Dr. Levine.

For five weeks, beginning February 2nd, Dr. Levine and I will explore the complexities of chronic pain, autoimmune disorders and other symptoms and syndromes—helping you recognize the complex ways stress and trauma conditions can manifest in the body.

Dr. Levine will present a powerful framework for reading cues in the body, as well as practical strategies to support clients with difficult syndromes, help them find relief and guide them in their healing journey.

Through this training, you’ll grow your skills and become more effective in understanding and resolving trauma that is at the root of many physical ailments and pain.

If you’re new to Somatic Experiencing, I promise you’ll gain valuable insights and highly effective modalities that improve your therapeutic skills, so you can easily recognize and work more confidently with any type of complex client trauma.

And I know you’ll be inspired by Dr. Levine’s client demonstrations—he has a special kind of magic. If you’re a seasoned Somatic Experiencing practitioner, you likely already know what a valuable opportunity this is to develop your skills in a specialized way while learning from the leading pioneer in our field.

We may never live in a world devoid of trauma or pain… but I believe we can live in a world full of healing. Together, we can help bring that future into existence today. And so, it’s my mission to champion education that reduces suffering and empowers more people to unlock their innate resilience to live an embodied, expansive life.

I hope you’ll join me for this next, deeply important step in our learning journey.


Dr. Diane Poole Heller
Founder, Trauma Solutions
Author, The Power of Attachment

Don’t miss your chance to join us for this unique new program and learn directly from me and Dr. Peter Levine!

Registration closes February 2, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST


Join Dr. Peter Levine and Dr. Diane Poole Heller for…

Somatic Interventions for Chronic Pain & Syndromes

A 5-Session Online Intensive Course beginning February 2, 2022

How to help your clients uncover the root cause of underlying pain, find relief from symptoms and heal from trauma.

Here’s What’s Included

5 Weekly, Demo-Based Sessions
Including Q&A with Dr. Peter Levine and Dr. Diane Poole Heller

Meet us LIVE—online each Wednesday—for a client demonstration and in-depth discussion on theory, skills and strategies. Learn how to implement and apply them to your own therapeutic sessions.

Each call ends with a 30-minute Q&A session, where you can ask follow-up questions and get answers about trauma and somatic practices, directly from the renowned experts.

Somatic Tools & Techniques

We’ll learn somatic techniques you can apply immediately to your therapeutic session to integrate the mind, body, and emotions, restoring embodied presence and setting the stage for your client growth.

Lifetime Access to Complete Audio & Video Recordings

All training videos are accompanied by transcripts, because we know some people prefer not only to watch material, but also to have the written copy on hand.

Download the transcripts and use them for easy reference and note-taking.

Access to a Private Online Community

You’ll join a warm and encouraging online community that supports you while you support others.

Get answers, share insights and discuss challenging cases with Dr. Heller and your friendly colleagues.

“SE is the only method I have found that consistently helps people reorganize their nervous system and greatly reduce, if not completely erase, their trauma symptoms.

Although I understand that the SE techniques are grounded in biology, the results are nothing short of miraculous.”

-Shirly Impellizzeri, PhD,
Psychologist, Author, Talk Show Host, SEP

Here’s What’s In the Training Curriculum

MODULE 1: February 2, 2022 @ 12 pm MT

Working with Minimization & Critical Self Judgment: Awareness & Exploration

In this module, Dr. Levine works with a woman who experienced childhood in a war zone. Her trauma history includes a large earthquake, seven major car accidents, multiple surgeries/dental work, and severe postpartum anxiety that developed into PTSD symptoms.

She struggles with general long-term anxiety, Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid disease, undiagnosed chronic digestive issues, teeth clenching and scoliosis.

Dr. Levine guides us through various somatic techniques, including energy wells and micro-movements, to demonstrate how to help clients gain awareness of the critical role unresolved trauma plays in the manifestation of chronic symptoms and syndromes. He’ll also present tools to address trauma without re-activating or over-activating clients.

MODULE 2: February 9, 2022 @ 12 pm MT

Working with Emotional Trauma & the Inner Child: Recognizing Expansion & Contraction (& More Expansion)

Dr. Levine works with a man with type-A personality traits, suffering from psoriatic arthritis, muscle spasms and weakness. The client experienced a wind-surfing accident, a motorcycle accident resulting in head injuries, along with numerous falls and injuries in childhood. For six years he was the caretaker to his elderly bi-polar mother, and after a prolonged period of work stress, he developed chronic and increasing muscle spasms and weakness.

In this session, Dr. Levine will demonstrate how to work with sound, the diaphragm and movement to identify unresolved trauma in the body and support shifts in the autonomic nervous system, which can help regulate the system and ease symptoms caused by past trauma.

MODULE 3: February 16, 2022 @ 12 pm MT

Utilizing Somatic Tools to Increase Flow: Developmental Trauma, Chronic Pain and COVID-19

During this session, Dr. Levine will work with a woman with an early childhood and young adult history of physical, psychological and sexual abuse and neglect. Currently, the client suffers from fibromyalgia and arthritis. In December of 2020, she was hospitalized for COVID-19—where she spent extended time in isolation, too sick to move.

Over the course of multiple sessions (consolidated in one demo), Dr. Levine shows us how to engage the vagus nerve to support healing and regulation. He’ll demonstrate using the “voo” technique to help clients sooth and release their trauma—providing a terrific example of how it’s possible to work in Telehealth somatically.

MODULE 4: February 23, 2022 @ 12 pm MT

Medical Trauma & Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Support through Regulation & Embodiment

Dr. Levine works with a client who endured Münchausen-by-Proxy Syndrome. As a child, she was over-medicated and received invasive medical care from her nurse mother, which resulted in significant physical and emotional pain and fear. Later, she experienced bullying, sexual abuse as a teen and sexual harassment at work as an adult. She suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and does not respond to many pain medications and anesthesia, making her many surgeries extremely painful.

In this session, Dr. Levine will address how to navigate the pathways of the Polyvagal system to support relief and healing in chronic pain and illness.

MODULE 5: March 2, 2022 @ 12 pm MT

Therapeutic Presence & Rhythm: Connecting a Client with their Life Force

This week, Dr. Levine will work with a client who experienced long-term childhood neglect, high levels of abandonment and violent abuse. Her trauma history includes a tonsillectomy (where she was left alone in severe pain), dental surgery, car accidents, multiple near drownings, bullying, her mother’s repeated hospitalizations, multiple sexual assault incidents, an ambivalent suicide attempt, a skiing accident and negative response to anesthesias. She currently suffers from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and struggles with ambivalent shutdown states.

Dr. Levine will explore our innate trauma response—including shutdown states as a protective reaction—and how to safely guide clients out of ambivalent shutdown responses.

Plus, You’ll Get the Following Bonuses…


Intro to SE and Syndromes by Dr. Peter Levine

This pre-recorded video training with Dr. Peter Levine provides a thorough introduction on how symptoms and syndromes form.

Learn how Somatic Experiencing® techniques are particularly well-suited to support syndromal clients in finding relief.


Client Demo with Dr. Grace Damann, PLUS access to a screening of the documentary States of Grace

You’ll get a demo video showing Dr. Levine working with Dr. Grace Damann, the extraordinary subject of the documentary, States of Grace. In the demo, Dr. Levine and Dr. Damann explore the role of neurobiology in pain, as Dr. Levine utilizes somatic techniques that ease Dr. Damann’s physical pain through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

You’ll also get free access to a February screening of States of Grace, the award-winning documentary film that intimately captures the profound transformation of a revered physician and her family in the wake of a life-changing accident.


Bonus Client Demonstrations with Dr. Diane Poole Heller

In these two pre-recorded trainings, Dr. Diane Poole Heller works with clients who exhibit chronic pain symptoms related to both personal and generational trauma. The sessions demonstrate grounding and titration techniques, completing the threat response sequence and facilitating release through movement.

These videos provide an additional 2.5 hours of demonstrations, audio/video, and full transcripts for those who like to read along.


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Meet Your Instructor

Peter A Levine, PhD, is the developer of Somatic Experiencing, a naturalistic and neurobiological approach to healing trauma, which he has developed over the past 50 years.

He is the Founder of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute/Foundation for Human Enrichment and the Founder and President of the Ergos Institute of Somatic Education™. His work has been taught to over 50,000 therapists in over 45 countries.

Dr. Levine served as a stress consultant for NASA in the early space shuttle development and has served on the American Psychological Association task force for responding to the trauma of large-scale disasters and ethnopolitical warfare.

He holds doctorates in both Biophysics and Psychology and is the author of several best-selling books on trauma, including Waking the Tiger, which is published in over 29 languages. He is currently a Senior Fellow and consultant at The Meadows Addiction and Trauma Treatment Center in Wickenburg, Arizona and continues to teach trauma healing workshops internationally.

About Your Host

Diane Poole Heller PhD, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and expert in the field of child and adult attachment theory as well as trauma resolution.

Her signature approach—DARe (Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience)—provides therapists and individuals with relevant skills and practical exercises that facilitate healing from attachment and trauma wounds.

In 1989, Dr. Heller first started working with Dr. Peter Levine, founder of SETI (Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute). As Senior Faculty for SETI, she taught Somatic Experiencing trauma work internationally for over 25 years.

Her work with adult attachment has forged a path for adults with childhood attachment injuries to develop Secure Attachment Skills (SAS) that lead to more connected and fulfilling adult relationships. Through various training programs, books, lectures and her own work as a clinical therapist, Dr. Heller has helped a countless number of people in their healing journey towards experiencing greater intimacy, wholeness and more fulfilling relationships.

She believes that when we heal ourselves first, we heal our families, our communities and the world as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide?

Do I need to be a therapist to benefit from this training?

While most people who join the program are both novice and experienced practitioners, we do sometimes have non-therapists join us as we explore in-depth topics.

Due to the sensitive nature of this particular course, however, we highly encourage non-therapists who choose to join us to have therapeutic support in place should the material become activating.

Please note that the material covered in this course is not meant as a substitute for therapy. And if you are currently working with a mental health professional, we encourage you to invite them to join this program with you as well.

How long can I access the program materials?

You’ll have lifetime access to the training materials, including videos, transcripts, audio, worksheets and BONUSES, with the exception of the States of Grace documentary, which will be available to watch online during one of two screenings (February 24th @ 5 pm MT or February 27th @ 1 pm MT). If you join the program, you can attend one or both of the screenings at no additional cost. We will send participants login details at a later date.

Will taking this course qualify me as SE Trained?

Taking this program does not replace the 8-module training through Somatic Experiencing® to be “SE Trained.” This program ensures you will be “SE Informed.”

Is this theoretical or practical training?

It’s both. We’ve structured this program in such a way so we don’t just tell you how to use theoretical concepts — we show you.

You’ll be able to watch actual client demo videos, expert training calls and participate in LIVE Q&A sessions with Diane and Peter, where they’ll answer questions and give you tips on how to apply skills and techniques to your client therapy sessions.

What if I can’t show up live for all the training calls?

We would love to have you join each session live, but if you are unable to do so, all our sessions and training calls (including the Q&A) are recorded, so you can still receive all the information and coaching you need.

Additionally, the program module materials are yours to download and keep in your professional reference library. The only thing you cannot download are client demos — because we need to honor and respect client confidentiality.

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Here’s Everything You’ll Get In…

Somatic Interventions for Chronic Pain & Syndromes

Help your clients uncover the root cause of underlying pain, find relief from symptoms and heal from trauma.

PLUS, these special


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3 Monthly Payments of

Our first class starts on February 2, 2022!

*Taking this program does not replace the 8-module training through Somatic Experiencing® to be “SE Trained.” This program ensures you will be “SE Informed.”

“I would like to express my gratitude for all the information you make available. After attending a masterclass with Peter Levine about ICU and ventilator trauma, I was able to help a fibromyalgia patient make an enormous shift towards healing when I realized that she had the ‘right to be alive and well’… and that was exactly what she needed to know in the moment.”

Caterina Marzoli
Rome, Italy
Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner (currently in SE training)

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*Taking this program does not replace the 8-module training through Somatic Experiencing® to be “SE Trained.” This program ensures you will be “SE Informed.”