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Untangling Somatic Wounds

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“I have come to the conclusion that human beings are born with an innate capacity to triumph over trauma. I believe not only that trauma is curable, but that the healing process can be a catalyst for profound awakening.”

Peter A. Levine, Ph.D

“When trauma hits us or we’ve experienced relational wounding, we can feel like we’re utterly disconnected. The good news is we can do something about it.”

Dr. Diane Poole Heller


Imagine what it must feel like for your clients when their childhood complex trauma persists into adulthood––and becomes exacerbated by additional traumas or physical ailments.

Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Feelings of worthlessness, shame and guilt. Lack of trust. Problems controlling emotions. Aggression. Flashbacks. Avoidance. Dissociation. Substance misuse, dependence or abuse.

The list goes on and on.

The reality is that children who witness or experience traumatic events––of a prolonged, invasive, interpersonal nature, such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse or profound neglect––are at a high risk for developing many types of physical and mental illnesses later in life.

Research has demonstrated a strong correlation between adverse childhood experiences and harmful health conditions in adults.

That’s because complex trauma alters a child’s stress response, which further triggers autoimmune disorders and disrupts physiological functioning in the brain and body.

What’s more, younger children are less able to understand and process trauma, which means they often can’t verbalize what’s happening to them, so they’re more likely to manifest the trauma as physical symptoms or behavioral issues.

When this stress response or survival adaptation remains highly activated for an extended period of time––especially without the support and safety of a primary caregiver––it can also damage crucial neural connections and alter our ability to return to a regulated state, leading to long-term impairments in both physical and mental health.

As a mental health professional, you likely have clients with unresolved attachment injury who present with perplexing and somewhat elusive symptoms and chronic conditions.

But rather than focusing on the symptoms or behaviors themselves, it’s important to uncover the underlying attachment injury and complex trauma that’s at the root cause of the dysregulation.

It’s vital to have tools and techniques to help our clients feel better so they can begin to heal both physically and psychologically.

But what if our clients can’t remember or identify the trauma––or are unwilling or afraid to talk about it?

As therapists, how do we proceed when we need crucial (missing) information our clients can’t provide?

Luckily, the body communicates to us. We only need to learn how to listen to it.

Our role is to learn how to safely and gently move beyond this impasse and support the flow of healing.

By learning how to integrate somatic tools and strategies with other modalities, you can tune-in to the physical signals that hide in plain sight, release stored trauma and provide relief from suffering so your clients can live fully in the present and be free of their past.

Watch & learn directly from Dr. Levine as he guides us through somatic tools and techniques that release complex trauma stored in the body.

To begin healing complex trauma, it’s important to…

“Taking time is very important—as body time is much slower than cognitive time or emotional time”

– Dr. Peter Levine

A Personal Invitation from Dr. Diane Poole Heller


I am so grateful to have you in my professional healing network. It’s a unique privilege to hear your concerns, share knowledge and provide support and guidance as we strive to meet the mental health needs of our communities.

I also can’t overstate what a gift it’s been to have my own circle of colleagues to turn to when I need encouragement, resources, or a fresh perspective … as well as mentors who remind me there is always more to learn––and who lead by example, generously sharing their wisdom.

Because as it turns out, no matter how much education or experience we may have, we all face moments as therapists when we wonder if we have the right answers…

Like the client who seems unmotivated and disinterested… where sessions become long silences that make it hard to find a therapeutic connection, thwarting any work or progress.

Or how frustrating it can be when a client hits a plateau—staying stuck or even self-sabotaging as they continue to repeat the same unhealthy patterns over and over again (despite the hard work you’ve done together).

Maybe they dig in their heels and rebel against a particular technique or methodology.

It’s especially disheartening when I see clients suffer—when they simply can’t explain what they’re experiencing… yet, you can see the emotional pain “written” in their body language.

They want your help. They just don’t know how to express it.

That’s when doubt sets in. That’s when we lose confidence and we’re not sure if therapy is working, or working fast enough.

It may even feel like we’re “throwing spaghetti at the wall,” trying any technique or exercise that might work instead of confidently (and intentionally) choosing the safest or most appropriate interventions.

For better or worse, we’ve all been there. It’s the nature of working with trauma, especially when it’s embedded in attachment injury. There is much to understand––and few courses that help you see and practice the entire process as it unfolds.

That’s exactly why I invited my close friend and mentor, Peter A. Levine, Ph.D., to help teach a new online training program, WORKING WITH COMPLEX TRAUMA: Untangling Somatic Wounds—a LIVE, demonstration-based course focused on treating complex trauma using somatic tools and strategies that support deeper healing by facilitating the release of locked trauma to promote greater healing and resilience.

As the founder of the Somatic Experiencing approach, there is no one with more experience and knowledge than Dr. Levine in the body-oriented process to healing trauma, chronic pain and other stress-related syndromes.

Beginning Wednesday, February 1st––Dr. Levine will join me LIVE–– to guide us through five client demonstration sessions, where he evaluates healthy or insecure attachment patterning and shows us which Somatic Experiencing tools promote deep healing.

You’ll get a chance to watch “over our shoulders” as Dr. Levine pauses and debriefs the work in action, sharing his knowledge, techniques and interventions every step of the way.

In our time together, you’ll come away with a compassionate framework and practical strategies that guide clients in completing developmental tasks, releasing pain held in their body––and healing the past in the here and now.

Whether you’re new to Somatic Experiencing or you’re a seasoned therapist, I promise, you’ll gain priceless insights and highly effective modalities that improve your therapeutic skills, so you can easily recognize and work more confidently with any type of client trauma.

And I know you’ll be inspired by Dr. Levine’s client demonstrations––he has a special way of working with clients.

We may never live in a world without trauma… but I believe we can live in a world full of healing. Together, we can help bring that future into existence today.

I hope you’ll join me for this next, wonderful step in our learning journey!

Dr. Diane Poole Heller
Founder, Trauma Solutions
Author, The Power of Attachment

Don’t miss your chance to join us for this rare (and cost-effective) opportunity to watch and learn from Dr. Peter Levine LIVE.


Join Peter A. Levine, Ph.D and Dr. Diane Poole Heller…

Untangling Somatic Wounds

A 5-Session Live Course beginning February 1, 2023

Help your clients heal from the past and find their way towards fulfillment, hope and connection

What You Get For Only $267…

Five 90-minute LIVE, Demo-Based, Interactive Training Sessions
Including Q&A with Dr. Levine and Dr. Diane Poole Heller

Meet us LIVE—for exclusive client demonstrations and in-depth look at how to integrate attachment principles and Somatic Experiencing to your clinical practice.

Each 90-minute session includes core teaching, real client demos (with thorough explanations of techniques by Dr. Levine) and corrective techniques you can implement to your own therapeutic sessions.

Our calls always end with a 30-minute Q&A session, where you can ask follow-up questions and get answers about trauma and somatic practices, directly from both Dr. Levine and Dr. Heller.

Client Demos + Discussion Led by Dr. Levine & Dr. Heller

Join us for five, LIVE, 90-minute sessions that include teaching, real client demos with debriefs (to identify techniques and explain the work in action)—and plenty of time for Q&A from the audience.

Participate live or download the replay recording at your convenience. Learn new concepts, techniques and practical exercises, so you can apply the work to everyday clinical practice.

Learn Practical Clinical Skills, Tools & Somatic Techniques

Broaden your skills and learn new somatic techniques that you can apply immediately to your therapeutic sessions with clients.

Join an engaged and encouraging online community where new and experienced practitioners discover how to integrate the mind, body and emotions to restore an embodied presence and set the stage for growth and fulfillment.

Lifetime Access to Video, Audio, Transcripts & Bonus Resources

Every live training will be recorded. The recorded replay will be available in video, audio and written format—so you’ll be able to download content to your own personal learning library.

If you miss a training session, want to watch the demos at a later date—or want to come back to review the material again—you’ll be able to do so at your convenience.


Led by Peter A. Levine, Ph.D, the originator of Somatic Experiencing® and your host, Dr. Diane Poole Heller

Skills to Uncover Primary Attachment Wounds That Persist Into Adulthood

People who experience attachment trauma like neglect, abandonment, abuse or loss often struggle emotionally, socially and physically into adulthood. Disruption of the attachment bond can lead to insecure attachment patterning, which can present in wide-ranging syndromes and maladaptive behaviors.

Throughout this course, Dr. Heller and Dr. Levine examine why attachment injury is inherent to all complex trauma. You’ll learn how to better recognize and identify insecure attachment adaptations (stress responses)—and how trauma stored in the body can be released using somatic tools and techniques to restore secure attachment and promote post-traumatic growth and resilience.

Identify & Differentiate Symptoms Connected to Complex Trauma

Examine the nuances and relationship between attachment injury and shock trauma—and what happens when they combine or intertwine. We’ll discuss why people who have developmental trauma are more susceptible to PTSR and present with a wide variety of (attributable and non-attributable) symptoms.

By reviewing and de-briefing client demonstration sessions, Dr. Levine illustrates how to uncover and work with attachment injury that affects the autonomic nervous system. He’ll show you exactly what to watch for and track in the body, so you can detect shifts in the ANS as you apply safe and effective techniques that provide relief to alleviate pain and suffering.

How Down Regulation of the Stress Response Promotes Healing & Resilience

Explore how attachment injury embedded in complex trauma persists into adulthood as the perception of threat activates the sympathetic nervous system and triggers an acute stress response that prepares the body to fight, flee or freeze. By listening to the signals of the body, it’s possible to calm the nervous system and strengthen a sense of safety that promotes healing and resilience.

Dr. Levine personally guides our exploration into the connection between complex trauma and body sensations, showing you how to help clients develop presence, awareness and “curiosity” around uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in order to release stored trauma and transform emotional wounds into healing and connection.

Learn Strategies to Strengthen Attunement & Prevent Re-Traumatization

As therapists, it is essential to learn how to work with complex trauma without further activating the body’s innate stress response.

Through these in-depth client demonstrations, Dr. Levine will show you how to refine your perceptual skills and develop the confidence to help resolve decades-old wounds while embodying a sense of safety and connection.

He’ll share many of his somatic tools and techniques, including crucial methods like titration and pendulation that teach clients how to listen to their body and become less fearful as they begin to find relief from pain and suffering to heal wounds from the past while remaining fully in the present.

Integrate Clinical Tools and Techniques With Existing Modalities.

We’ll go beyond theory and operationalize information, so you can apply practical processes and therapeutic interventions to clinical sessions easily and effectively.

Learn directly from Dr. Levine, as he illustrates how to get to the root of trauma and help clients find relief as they reconnect with their body’s innate sense of safety, resilience, vitality and health.

Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to help clients emerge from a protective “layer” of syndromes, self-destructive thoughts and unhealthy behaviors—so that you’re better equipped to support healing from both psychological and physiological pain.

Don’t miss a chance to join us for this LIVE new program where you learn from the world’s leading expert in the Somatic Experiencing approach.

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Try the WORKING WITH COMPLEX TRAUMA: Untangling Somatic Wounds course 100% risk-free.

If, for any reason, you don’t feel it meets your needs, please contact our friendly Customer Support Team within 5 days of the course start date (on or before Monday, February 6, 2023)—and we’ll happily issue you a refund.

“Trauma is a form of tremendous fear, lost of control and profound helplessness… of broken connections. Fortunately, that’s not the whole story. All of us are capable of healing and repair. But we can’t do it alone. We need other people. ”

-Dr. Diane Poole Heller

WHAT IS THE Training Curriculum?

SESSION 1: February 1, 2023 @ 12 pm MT

Honoring Your Younger Self

In this demonstration session, Dr. Levine works with a woman, Antoinette, with a long-history of addiction and self-destructive behaviors. Her past experiences includes racial and developmental trauma––including shame and rejection over having white skin and red hair as a half-Hispanic child. As an outcast, she grew up in severe poverty, often neglected by both parents who not only abused hard substances, but also left her to fend for herself in dangerous situations.

Dr. Levine guides us through various somatic techniques, including pendulation and running flight to demonstrate how to help clients access the physiological awareness of the felt sense of safety in the body. He’ll also present ways to navigate and assess the body’s defensive responses.

SESSION 2: February 6, 2023 @ 12 pm MT

Untangling the Panic Sequence

Dr. Levine works with a man, Patrick, who experienced an emergency while working underwater on a Navy subsurface platform, in which he had to resurface too quickly. After the incident, he began to experience recurring heart palpitations and ear popping—a physiological response that triggered deeper, early trauma. He struggles with agoraphobia, major depression, OCD and panic attacks.

In this session, Dr. Levine will demonstrate how to work with sound, the diaphragm and movement to identify unresolved trauma in the body and support shifts in the autonomic nervous system, which can help regulate the system and ease symptoms caused by past trauma.

SESSION 3: February 8, 2023 @ 12 pm MT

Overcoming Long-Term Violence

In this session, Dr. Levine works with John, a man who endured emotional abuse and violence at the hands of a paranoid schizophrenic father. After a divorce, his mother had a string of boyfriends who were also physically abusive. Throughout his childhood, John suffered from bullying and assaults (in his household, neighborhood and school).

He struggles with poor health, panic attacks, night terrors, insomnia, financial hardship and suicidal intent.

Dr. Levine guides us through various somatic techniques, including resourcing, pendulation and body tracking, to demonstrate how to help clients gain awareness of the critical role unresolved trauma plays in the manifestation of various symptoms. He’ll also present tools to address trauma without re-activating or over-activating clients.

SESSION 4: February 13, 2023 @ 12 pm MT

Moving Towards the Authentic Self

Dr. Levine works with Becky, who was born to a 15 year-old mother. At just 1 week old, she was put in a foster home and then adopted. At only 3 weeks, she had a tonsillectomy followed by an episode at 4 months, where she was hospitalized after she stopped breathing. Throughout her early childhood and teens, Becky struggled to connect to her anxious, rigid, adopted mother.

As an adult, Becky still struggles with medical issues, longs for connection and experiences profound ambivalence about being alive.

In this session, Dr. Levine will demonstrate how to build a supportive, understanding and nurturing bridge between the adult self and the wounded child to resolve attachment trauma and reduce chronic pain.

SESSION 5: February 16, 2023 @ 12 pm MT

Early Developmental Connection to Early Pain

In this module, Dr. Levine works with Vanessa, a woman who suffered significant medical trauma as a child, including a near-death experience (as a stillborn by caesarean), cardiac arrest, chronic asthma and a near-drowning as a teen. Her childhood history also includes domestic violence and neglect in the home.

As an adult, Vanessa repeated family patterns by marrying an abuser. At the time of the session, she presented with insomnia, fibromyalgia symptoms and chronic crushing pain in her thoracic spine accompanied by the feeling of a knot at the back of her heart.

Dr. Levine will guide us through various somatic techniques, including titration, orienting and shifting sensations to show us how to integrate somatic techniques that provide effective relief from chronic pain.

Plus, You’ll Get the Following FREE BONUSES…


Video Workshop: Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing (SE™)

This bonus 2.5-hour video workshop—taught by SE faculty, Deborah Clydesdale—provides an overview of the SE model, including an introduction to the basic skills of Somatic Experiencing.

What’s covered?


Bonus Client Demonstrations with Dr. Diane Poole Heller

In 3+ hours of audio and video training, Dr. Diane Poole Heller presents three additional client case examples, where she shares additional therapeutic tools and techniques you can use to address complex trauma.

Dr. Heller presents actual client sessions—pausing to highlight and debrief the techniques action––so that you can see how to apply concepts and methods to your own clinical sessions.


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You’re Protected by Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident this program will be a valuable investment in your education and clinical practice.

Try the WORKING WITH COMPLEX TRAUMA: Untangling Somatic Wounds course 100% risk-free.

If, for any reason, you don’t feel it meets your needs, please contact our friendly Customer Support Team within 5 days of the course start date (on or before Monday, February 6, 2023)—and we’ll happily issue you a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide?

While most people who join the program are both novice and experienced practitioners, we do sometimes have non-therapists join us as we explore in-depth topics.

Due to the sensitive nature of this particular course, however, we highly encourage non-therapists who choose to join us to have therapeutic support in place should the material become activating.

Please note that the material covered in this course is not meant as a substitute for therapy. And if you are currently working with a mental health professional, we encourage you to invite them to join this program with you as well.

You’ll have lifetime access to ALL training materials, including videos, transcripts, worksheets, demos and BONUSES too. You may also download, print or save materials at any time to your professional reference library.

Taking this program does not replace the 8-module training through Somatic Experiencing to be “SE Trained.” This program ensures you will be “SE Informed.”

It’s both. We’ve structured this program in such a way so we don’t just tell you how to use theoretical concepts— we show you.

You’ll be able to watch actual client demo videos, expert training calls and review Q&A sessions with Diane and Peter, where they answer student questions and share insights on how to apply skills and techniques to clinical sessions.

We would love to have you join each session live, but we do know you may already have clients scheduled. If you’re unable to join us, we do record all our sessions and training (including the Q&A)—so you can still receive all the information and coaching you need.

Additionally, the course materials are yours to download and keep in your professional reference library, so you can come back and revisit the material at any time. The only material you cannot download are client demos—as we need to honor and respect client confidentiality.

Continuing Education (CE) credits are not available at this time.

If you enroll in Working with Complex Trauma: Untangling Somatic Wounds and decide to withdraw from the course for any reason, you may cancel your participation within 5 days of the course start date and request either a full refund or credit for a future course.

You must make this request on or before Monday, February 6, 2023. Refund requests must be made in writing. Refunds will be issued in the same form of payment made and may take up to four weeks to process.

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Untangling Somatic Wounds

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About Your Hosts

Our physiology convinces us of our emotions. The very foundation of a healthy psyche and body––our capacity to feel safe––is undermined by the foe of trauma. If our bodies are stuck in survival mode, our emotions and feelings turn our attentions obsessively toward seeking safety.

Peter A Levine, PhD, is the developer of Somatic Experiencing, a naturalistic and neurobiological approach to healing trauma, which he has developed over the past 50 years.

He is the Founder of the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute/Foundation for Human Enrichment and the Founder and President of the Ergos Institute of Somatic Education™. His work has been taught to over 50,000 therapists in over 45 countries.

Dr. Levine served as a stress consultant for NASA in the early space shuttle development and has served on the American Psychological Association task force for responding to the trauma of large-scale disasters and ethno-political warfare.

He holds doctorates in both Biophysics and Psychology and is the author of several best-selling books on trauma, including Waking the Tiger, which is published in over 29 languages. He is currently a Senior Fellow and consultant at The Meadows Addiction and Trauma Treatment Center in Wickenburg, Arizona and continues to teach trauma healing workshops internationally.

The type of regulating environment we receive as young children influences how we see the world and interact with others for our entire life. Even if our childhood is less than ideal, we can heal and change. But we can’t do it alone. We need other people.

Diane Poole Heller PhD, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and teaching expert in the field of adult attachment theory and trauma resolution.

Her signature approach—DARe (Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience)—provides therapists and individuals with relevant skills and practical exercises that facilitate healing from attachment and trauma wounds.

Through various training programs, books, lectures and her own work as a clinical therapist, Dr. Heller has helped a countless number of people in their healing journey towards experiencing greater intimacy, wholeness and more fulfilling relationships.

She believes that when we heal ourselves first, we heal our families, our communities and the world as a whole.